February 24, 2024

About Company

Tiba is a rice-based product manufacturer based in Egypt since 1997. We innovate powder functional ingredients that are necessary for multiple fields and industries.
All our products are natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, and hypoallergenic.

To be a leader in the field of healthy food manufacturing, providing the best quality and cost, for a better life.

We aim to make the world a better place by producing and developing healthy food products.
We strive to add value to our clients in both the local and international markets, by providing solutions that increase productivity, reduce cost, and minimize risks.

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Tiba Starch & Glucose Manufacturing Co. S.A.E
Tiba Starch & Glucose Manufacturing Co. S.A.E

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1st. Indust.Zone Pieces No.35,36,37 New Salhya City Sharkia – Egypt

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