December 9, 2023

About Company

The Iron and Steel Company for Mines and Quarries (ISMQ) is an Egyptian joint stock company with a legal status affiliated with the Holding Company for Metallurgical Industries – the Ministry of Public Welfare Sector and the corporation, in accordance with the law of the Ministry of Labor Sector published in the Egyptian Gazette, for the purpose of extracting and exploiting iron ore and all mineral ores
. Other quarry ores and trade in them internally and externally.
Conducting economic feasibility studies for mineral ores in research areas and mining projects inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Exploiting the company’s business areas commercially, industrially, agriculturally and touristically with the intention of making a profit.
The company may have an interest or participate in any way with bodies that practice activities similar to its work or that may help it achieve its purpose in Egypt or abroad, as well as participate in the establishment of companies subject to the provisions of Law No. 159 of 1981 and its amendments. It may also merge in Purchases, purchases, or attaches to the above-mentioned bodies in accordance with the provisions of the law and its executive regulations



The Iron and Steel Company for Mines and Quarries (ISMQ)
The Iron and Steel Company for Mines and Quarries (ISMQ)

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+2 010 18 73 32 33
23 Talaat Harb Street, Cairo

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