July 15, 2024

About Company

It has the largest number of branches covering Egypt from Alexandria to Aswan

We have a fleet of armored vehicles equipped with tracking technology and high-resolution cameras

Our company has an open insurance policy with no transfer fees to any bank

Receiving Sharm El Sheikh shipments and delivering them in Cairo and the Delta the next day

Receiving Upper Egypt line shipments and delivering them to any place inside Egypt within 48 hours

Complete ability to sort any number of packets and deliver them the next day or upon request, as we have the latest machines.

Our company has the highest qualifications of armed security men, who in turn have a number of security, guarding and civil protection courses ready to cover all our branches and vehicles.

The possibility of creating a safe for the bank within the company

We have a private sector to deal with companies


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North Amiriya, Al-Zaytoun, Cairo Governorate

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