May 24, 2024

About Company

At SPACES, we strive to become one of the nation’s leading companies for architectural spaces solutions by following a fairly simple philosophy “offer a product of outstanding quality with equally outstanding values” The simplicity of that principle is backed up by a lot of hard work and years of experience.

Our Vision:
Build lasting and positive relations with our business and social environment. Act in line with international standards of corporate responsibility and business ethics.​

Our Mission:
provide comprehensive spaces solutions to meet the individual needs of our customers. We care about the environment, space comfort, and quality of life.​

Core Value:
Investments in technology made it possible to achieve the perfect balance between design, quality and affordability, to create a corporate image and a recognizable style.

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Unit 209-2 First Floor, Block E, The Courtyard, Al Shabab Road, District 12, Giza, Egypt

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