February 27, 2024

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Marathon United Technologies
MUT Owned By Dr. J Michel F Knight, With great sense of responsibility and deepest love to his motherland Egypt, He started his business in Egypt in 2017

MUT offers superior services and provide pioneering solutions to suit its clients’ needs through the pursuit of innovative technologies for an ever changing global environment.

MUT continues to push the boundaries of modern manufacturing and design techniques, in turn helping our partners achieve a competitive edge.

Projects :
1- Yarn Extrusion
2- Artificial Grass
3- Security Fences
4- Engineering Solutions

a. Loader And Grader
b. Diesel-CNG Conversions
c. Construction

To be world’s leading industrial company through safely and consistently delivering successful and innovative multi-disciplinary industries anywhere

We strive to produce a distinctive and competitive products to Arab and International markets, and exert our efforts to meet customer needs through our innovative cadres and diligent employees, and using the best technology means which is environment friendly to keep the company in sustainable development and growth, and also we are mindful of achieving satisfied profit to our shareholders

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Marathon United Technologies
Marathon United Technologies

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MUT Building, KM3 Cairo Belbies Desert RD., ElSalam City, Cairo, Egypt

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