May 24, 2024

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CURVE Landscape Was Established In 2007. It Has Grown To Be One Of The Premier Landscape Contracting Companies In Egypt we Have Expanded With Strong Leadership And A Core Team Of Than 130 Professionals Supported By A Seasonal Team Exceeding 300 Personnel. Being A Value Based Organization: We Strongly Believe That We Cannot Grow And Prosper Without Adhering To Our Core Values And Following Our Missions To Fulfill Our Dreams.we Invest In Our People, As We Consider Our Team The Corner Stone Of Our Foundation And Success. With The Unique Experiences Of Each Member, We Have Reached Where We Stand Today And With Their Continuous Dedication, We Strive To Become The Leading Landscape Contracting Company In The Market. CURVE Landscape Was Registered With The Egyptian Federation For Construction And Building Contractors EFCBC.

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CURVE Landscape

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2638 3606
8 El-Fateh St, Off Al Hegaz St, Heliopolis

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