July 17, 2024

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The Canal Company for Ports and Major Projects is a public sector company. It is one of the companies of the Suez Canal Authority and is a company specialized in the field of marine construction, ports and civil works. The company was established in 1965 under the name of the Canal Company for Ports Works. In 1988, the company’s name was changed to the Canal Company for Ports and Major Projects. During the 50 years of the company’s existence, the company has implemented many projects inside Egypt. The company worked in partnership with some foreign companies and alone in the Esna Barrages projects and the construction of the ports of Arish, Damietta and Sidi Kerir for the Arab Petroleum Pipelines Company, Taba Maritime and Edko, and the fishing ports of Hurghada, Ataka and Qazq, the Nile Arsenal in Armant. The company carried out many dredging works for the Nile River, the Nubaria Canal, the ports of Damietta, Arish, Edko, Sidi Kerir, Lake Manzala and Burullus, and the construction of a natural gas export harbor for the United Gas Derivatives Company in Damietta and a natural gas export berth for the Union Fenosa Company in Damietta, and the purification and construction of the Bardawil Lake straits. It also carried out many protection works and wave barriers, including the barriers of Ras El Bar, Damietta, Baltim and Arish, the northern and southern entrances to the Suez Canal, the coastal road Damietta-Port Said, the shoulders of the ferries in Port Said, Port Fouad, Serapeum, Al-Fardan and Al-Shatt. It also carried out many sewage, drinking water and seawater desalination stations in Taba and the intake and outlet of the station. Desalination of seawater in Bagoush – Marsa Matrouh, and the construction of the Sananiya and Ras El Bar bridges in Damietta and Minya, the El-Karm Dam, the obstruction dams and the ground tanks in Dahab and Nuweiba, and the maintenance of water intakes for drinking water stations in New Cairo and power generation stations in Abu Sultan, Ataka, Ain Sokhna, Ain Musa, Assiut and Arish. It also implemented projects outside Egypt, such as repairing and deepening the docks of the ports of Latakia and Tartous in Syria, and Derna in Libya. The company contributed to the New Suez Canal project by removing old cladding, making new cladding and building ferry berths.

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