April 21, 2024

About Company

Al-Kyan Steel Company for Iron and Metal Trading was established in the year 2022 and was founded by: Mahmoud Osama – Mohamed Najeh – Mohamed Magdy.
Al-Kyan Steel Company is one of the leading companies in the field of iron sheet trade and all iron sectors,
as the company provides trade in all types of sheet
metal (hot sheet sheets – sheets Cold sheet metal – galvanized sheet metal – baklava sheet metal – pickled sheet metal sheet – pine sheet sheet)
sheet metal sheets (hot sheet metal sheet – cold sheet metal sheet – galvanized sheet sheet roll – baklava sheet sheet – pickled sheet sheet – pine sheet sheet roll)


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Al-Kyan Steel Company

Contact Details

Administration address: 10 10th of Ramadan Street, Qalyoub, the station above Raneen Mall - Qalyoub Center

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