July 15, 2024

G TEX For import and export

G-Tex Company was established in 1979 and specialized in the field of lighting and worked as an agent for Philips Lighting Company in the 1980s.In the 1990s, by the present

Al Kayan Specialized Cables

Al Kayan Specialized Cables are agents and distributors for major international brands, such as Nexans, Prysmian Group (Prysmian, Draka, Oman Cables), Top Cable and Belden and focuses on specialized cables

CAIRO Hydraulics GROUP

CHG Hydraulics has developed rapidly into an international provider of overall solutions for hydraulic systems. We offer total solutions under one roof, which satisfy the most stringent quality and safety requirements.

Control Group

One of high quality leading companies in automated products and services. The Company has established in Egypt in order to provide electronic services related to the design of electronic circuits,

Ramtrade For Import And Export

Ramtrade established as a business in 1986. Fueled by innovation and more than 30 years of experience; Ramtrade soon became one of Egypt’s leading corporations in battery and tire distribution.

Chiwy Group

Founded in 1947, Chiwy Group has been a trusted retailer and distributor of the world finest materials and tools. Soliman Chiwy Sr.established Chiwy Group in Egypt strategic location,Alexandria. His passion,determination,andkhnowledge,pushed

Pol & Nile

POL & NILE is a company registered in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and its aim is to assist investors who plan to enter the Egyptian and Polish markets. By